Who Do You Think Spends More – iPhone Users or Android Users? ;)

Who Do You Think Spends More – iPhone Users or Android Users? 😉

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You can probably guess the answer, but here are some fun “facts” you might enjoy from the New York Post and coupon site, SlickDeals 😉

  • iPhone users shell out $117 on average every month on cloths vs $62 for Android users
  • iPhone users spend $83 avg. every month on makeup/beauty products vs $40 for Android users
  • iPhone users spend $101 every month on tech-related purchases vs $51 for those on Android
  • Android users are 19% more likely to say they look for deals and discounts “often.”
  • iPhone users were found to be more vain, taking 12 selfies a day vs 7 for those on Android – hah!

So basically, Android users are much more frugal than iPhone’rs, uhh thank you..

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However, according to the same article, iPhone users were also 27% more likely to say they were “very happy” with their life, as well as more inclined to have a partner they were in love with too!

So…. there’s that 😉

You can read the full story here –> iPhone and Android users are completely different people

I first heard about this on The Kane Show here in DC (radio show), and they were wondering if these differences were actually ruining people’s relationships or not for those who had different phones? I only caught the first person who called in before I had to go, but he basically said that his relationship with his wife got MASSIVELY better once they were both on iPhones vs one with iPhone and the other Android. Apparently it made a world of a difference being able to Facetime together now, as well as other more compatible communication methods.

I wanted to keep listening and see if anyone confirmed the spending habits of each, but sadly I had to go, and then thanked my lucky stars I had a blog so I can poll my OWN AUDIENCE 😉

So if you’re up for it today, please tell me the answers to these two questions!

  1. As an iPhone or Android user, do you find these stats to be pretty accurate?
  2. Have you ever been frustrated with YOUR spouse’s/boyfriend’s/lover’s use of a differing operating system while together with them? Have you ever broken up with someone because of it?

Ever since I’ve known my wife we’ve been pretty much on the same carriers/phones so I can’t answer that last one, but I will say that when we were rocking iPhones we were DEFINITELY spending more on ourselves than we are now. And that’s not even including the phone and service itself!

It wasn’t until I took a step back and started challenging all my bills that I even realized how “normal” our spending had gotten over the years.

And then once we started paying more attention we got to slashing everything we could:

  • We dropped our iPhones/Verizon and moved to Republic Wireless/Androids (a savings of $100/mo)
  • We re-assessed our car insurance and saw a $30/month savings there too
  • We cut down our cable TV bills and eventually got rid of it altogether (saving us another $100/mo)
  • We started hawking stuff all around the house that we didn’t “need” anymore too

And the best part? Our lifestyle was hardly affected at all!

Here’s a snapshot of the first year of our “Challenge Everything” mission for those who missed it:

challenge everything savings chart

So not saying it’s completely the iPhone’s fault that we were spending so much, but we surely weren’t as cost conscious as we became once we got rid of it 😉

And I should note that I have nothing against iPhones btw. I love ’em and would happily switch back if they ever became compatible with RW! I just found I could still do everything I needed on Androids while also keeping an extra Benjamin in my pocket every month… And super thankful it finally opened my eyes on everything else I was overspending on too!

Just my two cents on things, anyways…

What do you think? Are you great at saving and cutting back even with an iPhone? Did you ever leave one operating system for another and it completely change your life/finances?


All important questions that MUST be answered today! 😉 Spill your thoughts and let’s have a cell phone rumble!!

PS: Here’s the infographic that went along with the article that shows even more differences:

iphone vs android spending


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