What Kind Of Watch Suits You In The Business World?

I started reading an article on GQ today about all the watches worn by each member of staff working at the longstanding fashion magazine.

It was interesting to me because every person has their own tastes and own reasons for wearing their respective watch… which got me thinking: Is a watch merely an object which tells us the time, or is it so much more than that?

The article states that you can learn a lot about the person based on the type of watch they wear, but I also believe you can learn a lot about yourself in the process. What matters to you more? Style, cost, function, heritage, brand name, uniqueness, or maybe a mix of them all? To some, watches mean nothing, but to others, they are fundamental to their outfit.

You could say that deep down, the type of watch we wear displays a personality trait in a way that no other object ever could.

You demand usefulness above all else

When it comes to your work, you believe that apps, gadgets, and data are absolutely crucial for achievement – more definitely equals better in your eyes. To you, embracing technology and moving forwards is much more important than holding onto the past and simply following what others have done for decades. To this end, I can expect that anyone with this philosophy must be wearing an Apple Watch, a Samsung Gear, or another type of smartwatch. To have a watch that you can simply recharge instead of buying a battery and essentially have a smartphone strapped to your wrist is hard to beat for anyone who requires practicality in everything.

An authoritative first impression is vital

There are many ways to command the respect of the room: wearing a fine suit, grooming well, and having positive body language, but many businesspeople will agree that it will always be a watch that ties it all together. When meeting a business associate for the first time, you should obviously wear something that makes you feel powerful and confident. For some, jeans and a T-shirt makes them feel good, but if initial meetings are more important to you than that, then only a watch with a high degree of pedigree will suffice. For most, this means wearing brands like Rolex or Patek Philippe, as these companies have existed for more than a century and have honed their craft to the point where they define what a luxury watch means. A Rolex on your wrist might not always seal the deal, but it sure helps give off the impression of authority.

You’re always looking to keep costs down

This is, of course, the theme of Frugal Entrepreneur – to be successful in the business world but in a way that keeps spending to a minimum. No matter if you’re hiring a web designer, ordering supplies, or buying a watch, you are always hunting high and low for good deals but still look for quality. You just hate spending a lot when you don’t have to! Relatively new companies like MVMT or Daniel Wellington have made waves in the business world for creating simple, affordable, and stylish watches, however, the designs might not be for everyone and don’t carry the same pedigree. Frugal entrepreneurs with an eye on something classy and with some history would do well to see what Cartier watches are selling cheaply on sites like Chrono24.

You actually don’t care what anyone thinks

There are hundreds of entrepreneurs across the world that don’t buy into the idea that clothing and accessories have any impact on your ability to lead a business, and this is perfectly fine, too! To these types of people, a watch doesn’t have to “mean” something; it is just an object to tell the time. They might just pick up something cheap yet reliable like a Swatch or Casio watch and still be successful in the world of business. In the end, it all comes down to how a watch makes you feel, and just like all the staff at GQ, they all have different watches because they have varying personalities. You might even say that you don’t choose the watch, but the watch chooses you…