What Your 2019 Budget Needs to Include

The b word, again! Gross. I recently wrote about your need for a budget, but I got to thinking that while I’ve established why you need a budget I didn’t exactly cover how to create a budget or what your 2019 budget needs to have. With that in mind, I thought I would follow up with … Read moreWhat Your 2019 Budget Needs to Include

5 Things Keeping You From a Life of Financial Independence

Financial independence can mean different things to everyone. A 2013 survey from Capital One 360 found that 44 percent of American adults feel that financial independence means not having any debt, 26 percent said it means having an emergency savings fund, and 10 percent link financial independence…

Plan Your Next Getaway Today: Tips for Saving for Vacation

It’s that time of year again when it starts to get a little cooler and we start to dream of faraway beaches and our next sun-filled vacation. But going on a vacation costs money and we’re not always sure the best way to go about saving for it. But fear not, we have compiled some … Read morePlan Your Next Getaway Today: Tips for Saving for Vacation

How Reflecting on Possessions Can Help You Resist Impulse Buys

The office supply section of the local pharmacy has a nasty habit of extracting money from my wallet. You’d think I could easily fix this problem by avoiding that aisle, but nearly every time I’m at the pharmacy, I’m convinced that I need to buy some mechanical pencils, and perhaps some sticky…

You Need an Emergency Fund, Here’s Why

According to reports, only 39% of Americans have an extra $1,000 kicking around to be able to pay for financial emergencies. So if you’re in the group of Americans who don’t have an emergency fund, you’re not alone. But you need to have one. Life is unpredictable and unfortunately, it runs off money. There’s no … Read moreYou Need an Emergency Fund, Here’s Why

Cord Cutting Options: Here’s How to Stream Your Way to Cheaper TV

Cable seems like such an archaic service. With all the streaming websites and cord cutting options for streaming your favorite shows, I sometimes find myself wondering why it even exists. Today anyway. A few years ago was a different story… When I first moved out of my parent’s house in my early 20s, I was … Read moreCord Cutting Options: Here’s How to Stream Your Way to Cheaper TV

7 Ways to Entertain Party Guests on a Shoestring Budget

Some people are natural entertainers. They can throw the perfect party together seamlessly and effortlessly. From having the most delicious food, to amazing decorations, and of course, the best guest list, they make party planning look easy-peasy. More often than not, however, the best parties…