Preparing Your Budget for Next Year

How to Set Up Your Budget. Are you looking at your spending from last year and wishing you had done a better job of staying on track or wished you had saved more? Maybe you just wish you didn’t have as many bills to pay off from Christmas spending? Now that it’s a new year, … Read morePreparing Your Budget for Next Year

Top 10 Frugal Living Books

10 Books to Read to Take Control of Your Finances. I love to get books for holidays and my birthday! Digital or traditional, I don’t care, I just enjoy a good book! It also doesn’t matter to me if the book is fiction or non-fiction. A book full of helpful information and/or inspiration is just … Read moreTop 10 Frugal Living Books

Frugal Hacks I Avoid

Photo Credit, David Niblack, Frugality has been ingrained in my head (immigrant parents). When I told my co-workers that I wasn’t getting an extravagant gift for my wife for Christmas, I could see the pity in their eyes for my poor wife. Of course, they don’t realize that my wife can sometimes be the … Read moreFrugal Hacks I Avoid

10 Clever Ways to Use Apple Peels

We’re a waste not, want not family. Which means we’re always trying to find second uses for things before we throw them out! When we had a big garden we used to have a compost pile that took care of most of our produce scraps. But we don’t have that anymore, which means I’m now … Read more10 Clever Ways to Use Apple Peels

How to Do the No Spend Month Challenge

Why You Should Do the No Spend Month Challenge If you’re trying to save money you may have come across the idea of a “no spend month challenge.” The main idea of the challenge is in the title- it’s a month where you don’t spend money. But is that really doable, or even worth the … Read moreHow to Do the No Spend Month Challenge