10 Amazing Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pad Hacks

Smart Brillo Hacks. You all know I love frugal hacks, like using Dawn dish soap to kill weeds or using dryer sheets to deter bugs! Well, the other day I was scrubbing some particularly stuck on food off a pot with a Brillo pad, and I thought to myself “I bet this could be used … Read more10 Amazing Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pad Hacks

15 KitchenAid Mixer Hacks and Tips

A KitchenAid mixer is one of the most valuable tools you can have in your kitchen. It makes mixing up a batch of cookies or a cake mix so easy. It’s also perfect for making homemade whipped cream, and let’s give thanks to the mixer any time we have to beat egg whites to stiff … Read more15 KitchenAid Mixer Hacks and Tips

How To Have A Well Stocked Pantry

How to Create a Stocked Pantry for Emergencies. Having a well stocked pantry is so important! You never know what’s going to happen financially or even weather wise that might prevent you from being able to buy groceries. A well stocked pantry gives me a sense of security because I know I’ll be able to … Read moreHow To Have A Well Stocked Pantry

Top 10 Frugal Living Books

10 Books to Read to Take Control of Your Finances. I love to get books for holidays and my birthday! Digital or traditional, I don’t care, I just enjoy a good book! It also doesn’t matter to me if the book is fiction or non-fiction. A book full of helpful information and/or inspiration is just … Read moreTop 10 Frugal Living Books