Disposable Products You Can Replace with Reusable Ones

Frugal Replacements to Disposable Products. Disposable items have become a major part of everyday life. So much so, that we often don’t stop to think how much we’re spending on them, or how much they’re contributing to landfills. Luckily, many of them can be easily replaced by much longer lasting, and inexpensive, versions. Some you … Read moreDisposable Products You Can Replace with Reusable Ones

8 Things You Can Make in an Instant Pot to Save Money

The Instant Pot is truly an amazing kitchen gadget that saves you time when it comes to meal prep. You probably already know that you can make delicious fall-off-the-bone ribs and perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs with your IP, but did you know you can make other everyday necessities? Here are…