5 Things Keeping You From a Life of Financial Independence

Financial independence can mean different things to everyone. A 2013 survey from Capital One 360 found that 44 percent of American adults feel that financial independence means not having any debt, 26 percent said it means having an emergency savings fund, and 10 percent link financial independence…

What a Financial Trainwreck Can Teach Us: Six Mistakes to Learn From

A married couple recently confessed to some horrifying money blunders in an interview on the WealthSimple website. In their mid-40s and the parents of three kids, the pseudonymous Kate and Tom bring in $160,000 a year through their day jobs in insurance, with additional funds whenever Tom moonlights as a bartender for private parties. Yet … Read moreWhat a Financial Trainwreck Can Teach Us: Six Mistakes to Learn From

Should You Refinance Student Loans With a Balance Transfer Card?

As of early 2018, the average student loan debt for 2017 graduates was $39,400. That’s a 6% bump from the year before, notes Student Loan Hero. Collective student loan debt nationwide is also up to $1.48 trillion across 44 million borrowers. With stats like these, it’s no wonder students are…

Debt Collectors Are Calling My Family — Now What?

It’s bad enough when debt collectors start calling you, but what if they start hounding your family members, too? Can collection agencies legally do this? The answer is a bit complicated. The types of calls that debt collectors can make is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission’s Fair Debt…

How to Get Rid of Your Credit Card’s Annual Fee

You look down at the credit card in your hand. It’s one of your older cards, and you’ve bought plenty with it. The problem is, it charges an annual fee, and you’re sick of paying it. You’re tempted to cancel the card to eliminate the fee altogether. But you know doing so will hurt your … Read moreHow to Get Rid of Your Credit Card’s Annual Fee

Public Service Loan Forgiveness: How to Qualify (and Why So Few People Do)

The U.S. Department of Education recently released some startling and sobering statistics regarding its Public Service Loan Forgiveness program: Of the 29,000 applications for student loan forgiveness that have been filed thus far, an astounding 99% of them were denied. As one news organization pointed out, you have better odds of getting accepted into an Ivy … Read morePublic Service Loan Forgiveness: How to Qualify (and Why So Few People Do)

How to Boost Your Credit Score in Just 30 Days

Most financial experts suggest reviewing a copy of your credit report at least once a year. Luckily, doing so is fairly easy thanks to an agreement the federal government has with AnnualCreditReport.com. By signing up through this website, you can get a free copy of your credit report from all…

8 Things You Need to Know About Debt Management Plans

If you’re in debt and struggling to dig your way out, you’ve probably spent a lot of time trying to come up with a fix. Maybe you transferred your balance to a balance transfer card to score zero interest, and wound up racking up even more debt. Perhaps you’ve resorted to selling stuff to raise…

5 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Credit Card Interest

If you’ve been trying to get out of credit card debt, you’ve probably heard about 0% APR credit cards that offer balance transfers. They are so well known that it can be disappointing every time you see a headline proclaiming some great idea about how to pay off your debt, only to find out it’s…

Six Signs Your Balance Transfer Could End in Disaster

The average credit card balance was $6,354 at the end of 2017, and American consumers now hold more than $1 trillion in collective revolving debt, most of which is on plastic. These numbers probably sound scary, but they can’t be that surprising. After all, many of us have a penchant for using credit for rewards or … Read moreSix Signs Your Balance Transfer Could End in Disaster