How to Minimize Financial Stress During the Holidays

The holiday season is supposed to be merry and bright, but due to the high cost of the holidays and the interpersonal politics of things like gift-giving, shopping, and entertaining, it can also be filled with friction between friends and long-distance besties. A 2018 Bankrate survey found that…

What Your 2019 Budget Needs to Include

The b word, again! Gross. I recently wrote about your need for a budget, but I got to thinking that while I’ve established why you need a budget I didn’t exactly cover how to create a budget or what your 2019 budget needs to have. With that in mind, I thought I would follow up with … Read moreWhat Your 2019 Budget Needs to Include

Financial Goals You Need To Set Today

The new year is around the corner and not only is it time to budget, but it’s time for setting financial goals that you can not only accomplish but will put you in a better financial position overall. Financial goals, much like any other type of goal, can get out of hand really quickly. It’s … Read moreFinancial Goals You Need To Set Today

8 Baby Items With the Highest Resale Value

While the cost of baby gear, clothes, and diapers adds up quickly, there is also money to be made with baby items. For all three of my children, I’ve bought quality baby items second-hand for less than half of their retail price, used them, and then resold them for what I paid (or more!) once … Read more8 Baby Items With the Highest Resale Value

5 Things Keeping You From a Life of Financial Independence

Financial independence can mean different things to everyone. A 2013 survey from Capital One 360 found that 44 percent of American adults feel that financial independence means not having any debt, 26 percent said it means having an emergency savings fund, and 10 percent link financial independence…

5 Ways Gig Economy Workers Can Save for Retirement

We are in the midst of a major economic shift. While workers in the past could expect to keep a stable job with a traditional employer for decades, workers of today have found they must either cobble together a career from a variety of gigs, or supplement a lackluster salary from a traditional job…

Vacations, Holidays and Birthdays – How to Take the Panic out of Paying for the Fun

On average, Americans spends around 10% of their annual income on vacations. Many people find themselves with a debt that is hanging around their neck for months after they return from foreign climbs. Add the cost of holiday and birthday celebrations to the financial expenditure list and pretty soon all of the fun can get … Read moreVacations, Holidays and Birthdays – How to Take the Panic out of Paying for the Fun

Start Your 2019 Budget Now. Here’s Why

Gross, the “b” word. No one likes to talk about building a budget but with the new year approaching and your credit card bills weighing you down, you know it’s time to start. Stat. Budgeting is a serious pain that can help you out in the long run. But man, is it crappy to think … Read moreStart Your 2019 Budget Now. Here’s Why