Best Banks and Financial Products of 2019

Best Banks and Financial Products of 2019

best banks of 2019

Morning, friends!

If you’re on the hunt for a new bank or credit card or financial app right now, this post is for you. just came out with their annual “Best of Banking Awards,” and while I don’t typically share lists like this, I’m trying to be a better blogger about it as I know y’all are always looking for good recommendations 😉

Peruse at your will, and then let us know in the comments if they missed any good ones! Maybe we’ll add an addendum here or do another roundup of just your picks or something?

Here are a handful of the categories below… Product names are linked to the left (I added them in to make it easier for you), and then notes of theirs are listed to the right along with any of my own thoughts in parentheses as many of these have been around for a while.

[And FYI: I’m not getting compensated for sharing this at all, nor if you sign up to anything here… Just got the press release in my inbox and thought you’d be interested in seeing!]


best banking awards 2019

Best checking accounts:

Best savings accounts:

Best money market accounts:

Best CDs:

  • Marcus // Market-leading CD rates
  • Synchrony Bank // Market-leading CD rates
  • Ally Bank // Competitive low early withdrawal penalties
  • Capital One 360 // Market-leading CD rates (Love that they call it “Certificates of happily ever after” btw, haha…)
  • CIT Bank // Select CDs allow additional deposit and/or rate increase

Best personal loans:

  • SoFi // Borrow up to $100,000 with no fees
  • Earnest //Analyzes borrower finances for lowest rates possible (I’ve talked with these guys before – I like what they’re doing)
  • PNC Bank // Very low borrowing minimum

Best travel credit cards:

Best cash back credit cards:

  • Citi Double Cash // Effective 2% cash back on all spending
  • American Express Blue Cash Preferred // 6% cash back on grocery purchases (I use their original “Blue Cash” card for my businesses, but don’t put enough on it to ever earn much.)
  • Discover it // 5% cash back on bonus categories that change quarterly (I’ve never met anyone who uses Discover (maybe an age thing?) but every time I see this card come up it looks awesome)

Best rewards credit cards:

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred // Points worth 25% more when redeemed for travel booked via Chase
  • Bank of America Premium Rewards // Up to $200 in travel statement credits (I despise Bank of America, but don’t know anything about this card…)
  • Chase Freedom // 5% cash back on bonus categories that change quarterly (Another SUPER popular card among $$$ Bloggers… Especially back in the day before a lot of the newer fancier ones came about)

Best balance transfer cards:

Best brokerages:

  • Vanguard // Extremely low expense ratios (YES!!! THE BEST!!)
  • Fidelity // Select index funds have zero expense ratios (Also pretty decent)
  • Schwab // Superior customer service satisfaction (Ramit from is obsessed with Schwab, or at least their checking account…)

Best robo-advisors:

Best investing apps:

Best everyday money management apps:

  • Mint // Syncs all your financial accounts in one place (The OG of apps!!!)
  • Venmo // Pay people easily and quickly (Did you know PayPal owns them?)
  • Personal Capital // In-depth investment and retirement planning tools (Another one everyone and their mother loves and uses in the blogging community… Our review here)

Best (overall) national banks:

  • Chase // More than 5,300 branches and 15,000 ATMs. Top-notch credit cards.
  • TD Bank // Extended business hours for convenient branch access (They’re hours really are dope – they’re even open on Sundays!)
  • PNC Bank // Bank accounts come with great money management features

Best (overall) online banks:

  • Axos Bank // Free rewards checking account with a high interest rate with unlimited domestic ATM fee refunds and no overdraft fees
  • Radius Bank // Unlimited ATM fee refunds and overdraft line of credit
  • Capital One 360 // No fees at all

Best (overall) credit unions:

  • Alliant Credit Union // Very easy for anyone to become a member
  • PenFed Credit Union // Unlimited ATM fee refunds and overdraft line of credit (If I weren’t w/ USAA I’d either go with them or Navy Federal – again due to the military connection. I love that they all have .org domains too – BECAUSE CREDIT UNIONS WATCH OUT FOR THEIR MEMBERS!! They’re all non-profits!)
  • Consumers Credit Union // Consistently delivers some of the best deposit rates on the market

And then here’s a list of all the other categories I skipped over so this post didn’t become too much of a thesis 😉

  • Best Northeast Regional Banks of 2019
  • Best South Regional Banks of 2019
  • Best West Regional Banks of 2019
  • Best Midwest Regional Banks of 2019
  • Best Low Interest Credit Cards of 2019
  • Best Secured Credit Cards of 2019
  • Best Student Credit Cards of 2019
  • Best Apps For Filling Taxes of 2019

Details and full list of the rankings can be found here:


What do think? They miss any good ones?

Two of the three main institutions I keep all my accounts under were listed (Vanguard for all my investing, and Capital One for most of my business), but they did leave out my beloved USAA where all of my personal banking/insurances/credit cards are with! So I can only approve of this list 95% 😉

Other companies I was surprised not to find here: Simple Bank, YNAB (You Need a Budget), and then of course my favorite savings app of all – Digit.

Still, lots of great picks on the list and hopefully you found something good to look into!

Let me know if you decide to go with any, and again if they skipped any you love and use yourself… Always preferable to keep your money where it’s most appreciated!

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